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Our reason for being
Blockchain gaming is the new paradigm that’s redefining how we play games in the future. Or not? We believe that every game, blockchain or traditional, Play-to-Earn or Play-for-Fun, should all strive to deliver enjoyment for players. Only then, we think of the “Earn” part: the economy within the game’s universe. It’s all Art and Science. The Science is to champion the Play, not the Earn. And the Art is the perfect balance you keep between the two. Our team at Nekoverse believe that Play-to-Earn is much more than just a trend, it’s the evolution that has much more room to grow, and only those that truly treasure the PLAY will live on for their audience to keep EARNING.
We also believe that blockchain technology has enabled an opportunity for game developers like ourselves to create a game where the ownership of the game, its assets, story, and development truly belong to the players. Nekoverse is built exactly with that mindset, allowing players to own the assets, craft their own paths in the game, and find their own roles in the world of Nekoverse and the community of players.
This way, we can make sure that Nekoverse is built not just for crypto-enthusiasts, but also for game geeks (just as we are). Nekoverse will be unlike any other Play-to-Earn Games you have experienced, because it was created by Gamers, for Gamers.
Welcome to Nekoverse
Last modified 2yr ago