Land, Guild & Building

Lands within the City of Greed are sold to players, providing the foundation to establish the player-governed autonomous zones.
After owning lands, players can establish Guilds. Guilds are established by players to serve players. They are in-game DAOs in which players can set their own governance system and taxations that apply to all economic activities taking place in the lands of the Guild. Guilds play an important role in fostering the community-driven aspect of Nekoverse:
  • Guilds organized community activities, for example: auctions, tournaments, allocating items to players that will venture into Chaos Land to compete for precious items and rare resources.
  • Guilds drive the game's economic activities, by purchasing special buildings, for instance, Forgery (required to manufacture items), and Guild Marketplace (hold marketplace to add liquidity for the game assets).
  • Guilds foster more efficient income generation for players. Guild can set taxation on economics activities in the land to generate a passive income for the guild.
  • Guilds foster community engagement & communications.
Guilds can purchase special buildings in their land to unlock special features. Some of the building and their utility includes:
  • Auction house + Guild Marketplace: Guild can host auctions for the items that the guild possesses. Players can also list their items to be sold on the Guild Marketplace.
  • Arena: Host PvP battle in which Nekozens can bet on winners. Guilds can sponsor special items as prizes and earn a percentage of the bet money. PvP battle inside the arena does affect the health of Nekos.
  • Forgery: allow crafting items from resources collected by Nekozens.