Chaos Land

Chaos Land is the uncharted region in Nekoverse, in which high-risk high-reward gameplay is the defining characteristic
Chaos Land
High-risk Mechanics:
  • Chaos Land offers an unique high-risk high-reward game mechanic: Asset Removal. Asset Removal means losing a battle in this area means losing ownership of their Neko characters and items - a lost battle results in the death of Neko characters (Fallen Nekos) in combat and their equipped items.
  • Fallen Neko characters are sent to Neko Graveyard which can be revived at random by players who possess a special revival item, which can be crafted using exclusive items dropped only in Chaos Land’s battles.
  • Fallen Nekos’ equipped items will turn into Lost Items, which will be given out to battle winners at random in Lost Chests.
High-reward Mechanics:
  • Winning battles in Chaos Land give a chance for exclusive drops: rare materials (such as the ones used for revival items), Lost Chests (which contains other players’ equipment), Spirit Gems (required to summon special class Neko characters), Tickets to special events,... These exclusive drops will have special roles in the game.
  • Players can also discover rare mines with better materials and rewards.
  • Chaos Land continuously devours the energy of the Nekoverse, so a portion of all Nekoverse economic activities will be sent to Chaos Vault, which will be distributed to Chaos Land resource farming & battling to provide higher yield for players that dare to venture into this dangerous region.