Elemental Realms

Inferno Highlands
Remedy Woods
Each Neko will have its own origin tribe which reside in corresponding Elemental Realm, such as Inferno Highlands (Fire), Remedy Woods (Nature), Foothill of Honor (Earth), Neverest Peninsula (Water). The Elemental Realm is the starting point for all players, and have the following characteristics:
  • Each Elemental Realm will have its own unique quest line that delves deep into the lore of each elemental tribe. The quests will introduce new players to the world of Nekoverse and the game mechanics, as well as rewarding players with items and currency.
  • Elemental Realms are the safest places in the entire Nekoverse: Battles are only PvE (no PvP allowed), losing battles here does not have an effect on players’ Neko characters.
  • Elemental Realms also contain areas that players can go to harvest/mine/farm resources.