Elements, Levels, Professions


The Ancient Triad are the creators of all Neko elements. To bring balance to Nekoverse, they have divided all elements into 3 classes:
  • Origin Quad: Fire, Nature, Earth, Water. Being the prime elements of all universes, Origin Quad are the defenders of nature.
  • Pancha Triad: Spirit, Ice, Lightning. Closely connected to the wild, the Pancha Triad are the chosen ones to have mystical powers, many of which are still unknown.
  • Void Dyad: Light and Dark. Regarded as the root of all elements. Should the Void Dyad be summoned, all of Nekoverse's balance and peace will be consumed.
Origin Quad
Pancha Triad
Void Dyad


Each Neko will start at Level 1 when entering Nekoverse. Leveling up Nekos increases combat stats and increases efficiency in resource farming. Special Events can also introduce Level Cap and Min Level to participate. Neko can gain experience by participating in core gameplay (Battle, Resource Farming, Item Crafting). Once each level’s experience requirement is reached, players can level up their Nekos using Leveling Items.
Level up Neko


Players can also apply a profession for their Nekos using Profession Items. Profession provides corresponding boosts when participating in game activities, such as combat prowess, item crafting efficiency, resource farming efficiency,... Professions deepen character development for each Neko, by providing various P2E paths and allowing players to gradually specialize in their P2E styles. Some of the professions are Blacksmith, Alchemist, Hunters, Merchants,... As users get more invested in the game, their paths are gradually specialized (owning max level Nekos that are geared with items & professions specifically designed) to become more efficient in gaining more rewards and making a name for themselves in the community.