Various P2E paths for Nekoverse players
With a comprehensive game mechanics and in-game economy, Nekoverse provides many paths for Play-to-Earn:
  • Resource Farming: Farmed resources can be sold on marketplace for $ASG
  • Battle: PvE & PvP earning $ASG & dropped items to sold to guild and marketplace.
  • Crafting: Craft items to be used in-game and sold on the marketplace.
  • Breeding & Summoning: Use Neko Lab to breed Nekos and sells on Marketplace.
  • Passive income from establishing guild & collect taxes.
  • Passive income from staking tokens in Neko Temple.
The game economy and game mechanics are intentionally designed to be sustainable, which means players can monetize their gaming time for a long-time without exhaustion due to declining reward curve. More detailed information concerning the Sustainable Play-to-Earn Economy will be provided in the Economic Paper.