Staking Mechanic: Neko Temple

Neko Temple is the staking & farming mechanic of Nekoverse, in which players can:
  • Stake their in-game currency ($ASG) to receive the governance token ($NVS)
  • Stake their $NVS to receive $ASG
Neko Temple is created to balance the currency supply & governance-power in Nekoverse. Active players that accumulated $ASG and want to earn more voting powers in their Guilds can stake their $ASG to receive $NVS. While those that have accumulated $NVS and want to get more in-game currency to ramp up their in-game economic activities (buying items/resources) to improve their combat strengths/resource farming efficiency can stake $NVS to earn $ASG. Neko Temple is also a way for Token Holders to earn passive income, through staking their existing tokens to earn more tokens.
Players can also assign their Nekos to the Temple to boost APY corresponding to their Nekos’ level. By introducing this mechanic, we can truly reward active players in the community. The more dedicated you are in raising your Neko’s level, the more APY you can earn.