Sustainable Game Economy

P2E that is Built to Last
Our vision when creating Nekoverse has always been creating a community-driven game in which players, or as we called Nekozens, can fully emerge themselves in the game and take control of the game’s narrative. And in order for that vision to happen, Nekoverse’s players need a universal form of in-game interactions, hence, we decided to build game mechanisms that would facilitate in-game economic activities. After all, an economy is the collective representation of people to people interactions. The economy will have two main purposes:
Enhance gaming experience with Comprehensive In-game Economic Activities
The in-game economy is the key to creating a complex and dynamic world in which players are given the direct power to influence how Nekoverse will become as time progresses. The economy will truly turn Nekoverse into a vibrant world of its own in which people can explore, interact with other players through economic activities, team up to form autonomous organizations and drive the development of Nekoverse.
Deeply rooted in the gameplay, the economic activities allow players to choose their own paths in Nekoverse. From harvesting, crafting, battling, world exploration, to passive income staking, players can decide on their Play-to-Earn style that would allow them to emerge in the game without feeling bored of repetitive tasks and linear reward curves, by doing so, maximizing both game enjoyment and P2E abilities for players.
Create a sustainable P2E Economy that is Built to Last
Play-to-Earn is a new concept emerging from the rise of blockchain-based games, in which players are rewarded with in-game assets that can be exchanged to monetary values. But in order for the in-game assets to retain value in the long term, the basic economic principles dictate that their supply and demand must be balanced. Thus, the game economy is specifically designed to continuously create demands and reinvest the value created back into the game and ultimately given out as rewards for the players in a sustainable way so that the rewards remain valuable for players in the long run.
In depth information of the sustainable game economy design in Economic Paper. Quick recap can be found here: