Inflation & Asset Supply Management

Managing Inflation & Asset Supply Mechanism to provide sustainable growth
Inflation: User base & In-game Economy
  • User base inflation is achieved by attracting new players joining Nekoverse through purchasing Neko NFT characters. Neko NFT characters are supplied through:
    • Breeding & Summoning: New Nekos are created through Breeding & Summoning activities of players, which then are circulated to secondary marketplaces. New players can purchase these Nekos to join Nekoverse.
    • Nekoverse’s New Season NFT Offerings: Future seasons of Nekoverse will also offer new Nekos for public minting.
  • In-game economy inflation: As more players join the game, the demand for in-game assets will rise, leading to higher asset prices. If left unchecked, the economy will be inaccessible for mass players due to too expensive in-game assets. Thus, when needed, Nekoverse will issue new $ASG to circulation to balance supply and demand, maintaining accessibility for every player.
Asset Supply Management
Balancing the supply of in-game assets is achieve with mechanisms such as:
  • Chaos Land mechanic - Asset Removal in which Neko characters are sent to Graveyard and Items become Lost Items, thus effectively removing them from circulation. Bringing these assets back into circulation requires spending other resources.
  • In-game economic activities: resources and currency are spent in the game economy, which removes them from circulation.
  • Neko Temple: Stake tokens, both $NVS and $ASG, and Neko NFT characters are temporarily removed from circulation, slowing down supply velocity.
  • Token Burning: a portion of the revenue stream in $NVS & $ASG will be periodically burned to maintain the desired inflation rate of the economy.